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"The Will To Survive" is one story that speaks for thousands of cancer fighting children and families throughout the world. 

Everyone’s fight is different, but they all have one thing in common… “the fight for life”.

Join Megan McNeil and all of the fighters that have jumped on board to raise awareness for both the need for research into childhood cancers and the support for families dealing with having a child diagnosed with cancer.

Megan has chosen to send proceeds from her song downloads to The James Fund for Neuroblastoma Research and BCCCPA, a childhood cancer parents’ association.

You can purchase Megan’s “Will to Survive”on iTunes here:

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This is the video Matthew West’s Christmas song - “One Last Christmas.” This song is inspired by the true story of the Locke family and their son Dax.

At just thirteen months old, little Dax was diagnosed with a rare form of Leukemia. He was given two bone marrow transplants as a part of emergency treatment; one from each of his parents. The doctors then told his parents that Dax would most likely not make it to see Christmas.

This song is about the love of a family, and the coming together of an entire community to make sure that this little boy could have one last Christmas. His dad, determined that his son would see Christmas, put up the decorations early. The neighborhood caught on, and did the same. The whole town soon followed suit. A website was built telling his story. Soon, pictures were sent from all over the world of Christmas decorations that had been put up in his honor.

Dax did lose his battle with Leukemia, but not before he got to see one last Christmas. Today, this little boy’s legacy lives on, and his parents are making sure it does. They were so touched by the care they received from St. Jude’s Children’s Research Hospital, that they now have a desire to raise enough money to run the entire hospital for one day in honor of their son, Dax. The total cost to run St. Jude’s for one day is $1.6 million dollars. Already, they have raised a quarter of a million dollars.

To donate and learn more about Dax, visit his website.

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This week’s video features the story of Elena Desserich, a courageous young lady who left notes for her loved ones while fighting pediatric cancer. Despite losing her battle, Elena still serves as an inspiration to her family and friends to this day with her notes. The video is a longer one, but we encourage you to watch it. Trust us, it’s worth it. You can read more about Elena and her family at her website here, or buy her book featuring her artwork and notes.

Elena’s family also started a charity, The Cure Starts Now, which we encourage you to check out. Together, we can abolish cancer.

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