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The Four Diamonds of You

The Four Diamonds of You!

Charles and Irma Millard established the Four Diamonds Fund in memory of their son Christopher. Christopher was diagnosed with cancer when he was eleven, but unfortunately passed away from his cancer at the age of fourteen. Before he died, he wrote a story about a knight who had to find the four diamonds of Courage, Wisdom, Honesty and Strength. In order for the brave, young knight to be released from the evil sorceress’s captivity, he had to find these four diamonds. These four essential traits are the symbols that Christopher Millard believed were crucial and necessary to overcome cancer. These traits also embody the heart and soul of all the dancers, chairs and committees of THON!

C is for the Courage you will show this weekend. It’s not easy standing on your feet for 46 hours, but you will find the courage deep down inside. Our children astonish us with the courage they show as they battle cancer. When you have courage, you overcome the fear of doing something that scares you. It is the resolve that enters your mind to handle something difficult or fearful with firmness. Remember the children and families that you are making a difference for. The difference is not only for right now, but for through out their journey. Let us give you the courage that you may need this weekend.

W is for the Wisdom  that is gained from participating in THON. It will prepare you for life with indispensable knowledge to help others for the rest of your life. Live by the words “to give, rather than receive” and you will live an admirable life. Thon will help so many lives because of all the hard work you put into it. This is significant now, and for years to come. Your compassion for us and for our children when you entered into your Thon journey exhibited your good judgment and character. Someday when you have your own children, you will realize the importance and the meaning that came out this experience. We as parents accepted the wisdom that was inherited from our cancer journey with our children. After this weekend, we now pass it on to you.

H is for the Honesty of your character. Your virtue is a desirable quality, and one which we can only hope that others learn from and live by from example. Your faithfulness and loyalty to our families makes our journey easier. You are reliable, and therefore dependable. Penn State has always been our true-blue, can always count on you, extended family. For that, you will always have our respect and love.

S is for the Strength that will envelop your body and soul this weekend. Your strength is your power to resist being tired, to resist the pain that you may feel. You will need to be strong this weekend, for the kids.  Your strength will only be needed for a short time in comparison to the strength that our children need to get through their journeys, no matter how long it takes. Your strength will not be measured in how much you can lift or carry this weekend, although many of you will carry your dancer partner on your back. It will be measured in the tenacity that you show to not fall apart when the going gets tough. Pull from our strength to become stronger when ever you need it this weekend.

With Love and Admiration,

~ Judy Hoch ~

Four Diamonds Mom

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