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Enhancing Your THON Experience

Even if you can’t make it to State College this weekend to attend THON 2012, there are still so many ways that you can take part in the THON experience from wherever you are! 

Make yourself a THON playlist!  Download some of these THON favorites:

Additionally, download the cover of Never Alone by Kait Weston ft. Dan Fratoni on iTunes because $.69 will go to THON! 

You can also keep up with things happening during the weekend by watching the THON Live Feed which will be available on UStream .  Use our Storify account to keep up with what is happening live during the weekend on all of the various social media websites that THON has.  Also, through twitter, use the hashtag #THON12 to follow along with what is happening throughout the weekend and let us know what you’re doing to celebrate the weekend. Follow Penn State Dance Marathon on Foursquare from some special THON Weekend tips as well!

BUT, if you are able to be at THON, Donor and Alumni Relations is having a contest for who wears the oldest THON Shirt! In honor of the 40 years of THON, we are inviting alumni to wear their oldest THON tee-shirt during THON weekend. They can check in between 9-5 on Saturday by Gate D. The oldest tee-shirts are going to receive a new logo tee-shirt as a prize!

To prepare you for the weekend if you are dancing, make sure that you have watched all of the Morale Captain’s Dancer Video Blogs!  They have some great tips in them and can apply to THON Volunteers as well:

Get ready, everyone!  WE THON IN 2!

If you haven’t already, vote for us in the Shorty Awards on twitter!  It’s really simple!  All you have to do is tweet “I vote for @THON in a Shorty Award in #charity because…” and just add a reason after because!  This is a great way to spread awareness through social media.

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