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THON Weekend Pass Information

THON Weekend begins in a mere 4 days and to ease some of the difficulty that is navigating the PASS System, the Rules and Regulations Captains have created some basic guidelines for correctly and safely using the Passes.
How to obtain a pass:

Step 1: Check-In

When a spectator on a Pass List arrives to the BJC to visit a dancer on the Event Floor, the spectator should first go to the Check-In Kiosks located at both Gates A and D. A Rules and Regulations Committee Member will be present to input the spectator’s phone number in order to successfully check the spectator into the System. Once entered into the virtual waitlist, the spectator will receive the first text message indicating that they have been added to the waitlist. Once a pass becomes available, the spectator will be notified with a second text messaging denoting that their pass is available. Once informed that a pass is available, the spectator should proceed to the Floor Access Tables at Portal 14 to obtain the physical pass.

Step 2: Floor Access

The spectator should approach the Floor Access Tables with a photo ID. A Rules and Regulations Committee Member will verify that a pass is available, take the spectator’s ID, and hand the spectator a pass. The spectator will then proceed down the spectator stairs directly behind the Floor Access Tables. The pass will allow the spectator on the Event Floor for a maximum of 4 hours.

Step 3: Check-Off

At any point during those 4 hours, the spectator may choose to leave the Event Floor and retrieve their ID. When leaving the Event Floor, the spectator will go up the spectator stairs they came down. At the top of the stairs, the spectator will be immediately directed to a computer to “check off” and return their pass at which point their ID will be returned.

Priority Passes

On each Pass List, two of the twenty individuals will be considered “Priority Pass Holders”. The Priority Pass Holder should be a family member or close friend of the dancer. The Priority Pass is only in effect during a specific window of time during THON Weekend, and it allows the Priority Pass Holder to move ahead in the virtual line, to spend time with his or her dancer. During the Priority Pass time window (10 am Saturday - 10 am Sunday), other pass holders will have an option to concede their pass to the Priority Pass Holders on their pass list during check-in. If they choose this option, a Priority Pass Holder, who checks-in to the PASS System after the General Pass Holder has conceded his pass, will move to the spot just before the General Pass Holder on the waitlist for their Organization’s Pass List. The General Pass Holder does not lose their spot in line. They simply allow the Priority Pass Holder to move in front of them in the virtual waitlist. Again, conceding a pass is an option and not a requirement. When there are no organization members on a Pass List that have conceded a pass the Priority Pass Holder will go through the system as a General Pass Holder.

EXAMPLE: Johnny is a dancer. His mom is visiting THON Weekend. Johnny’s fellow Organization Member decides to concede his pass and is checked into the system. Johnny’s mom then checked into The System. When one of the Organization Members has a pass ready and he has conceded his pass, the system will automatically choose Johnny’s mom instead of the Organization Members, and she will go on the floor. When the next pass becomes available for the organization, the Organization Member that conceded their pass will be the next person to be notified to go to Floor Access to receive their pass (ie they do not lost their place in the virtual waitlist, but rather allow the Priority Pass Holders to receive a pass before they receive their own pass).

New this year! is a new website available on smart phones and tablets. This website will allow spectators to check their status in the virtual waitlist for their Pass List. This new addition to pass allows spectators to enter their name into their smart phone or tablet and see how many passes are available for their organization, how many people are in the virtual waitlist, and their position in this virtual waitlist without having to go to the Pass Tables. In addition, to ensure the THON Weekend experience improves year after year, a PASS System feedback option is also available through


Don’t want your entire organization’s passes suspended due to one member violating the rules? A new option is available this year where organizations can self-police. If an organization member is disregarding the rules at THON, a member from the same organization may approach a Rules and Regulations Captain, text or call 626-FTK-THON (626-385-8466) to notify a Captain. This way, notifying a Captain before the organization is approached by a Rules and Regulations Captain will prevent the entire organization’s passes from being suspended. A Pass Team Captain or the Rules and Regulations Overall, Mairead Hanna, will be able to remove a organization member from the organization pass list who is not abiding by the rules set forth by the Rules and Regulations Committee.

PASS System Updates THON Weekend:

If any changes occur throughout THON Weekend in regards to the PASS System, Pass Team will be notifying all acting THON Chairs for THON Weekend listed on THINK about the changes via text message. All THON Chairs and acting THON Chairs should be aware messages may be sent in order to spread updates to their entire organization. These updates will decrease the amount of miscommunication during THON Weekend.

PASS System Open House:
If you or anyone you know is on a pass list for THON 2012, there is an opportunity to test the System yourself at the PASS System Open House. This Open House will be taking place Wednesday, February 15th from 7-10pm in 11 Wartik! Come to the Open House to test the System and ask Pass Team or Technology Captains about any questions you may have about the PASS System. We hope to see you there!

Getting a Pass on to the floor THON Weekend is a privilege, not a right, so make sure that you are following these simple steps to ensure that everything goes smoothly. WE THON IN 4!

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