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THON’s home on the web ( has undergone construction and has several new features.

One of the new features is the integration of the THON Blog onto! You can visit the THON blog at This tumblr account will no longer be active and will soon be deleted, so make sure you check out our new home!

Thank you for following along with us, and we look forward to showing all sides of THON on the new THON blog!

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Spikes Join The Fight!

Come out to Medlar Field on September 2nd at 6:05pm for the annual State College Spikes game featuring THON! Tickets are $6 with a portion of the proceeds benefitting THON 2013.

There will be a pre-game line dance, Four Diamonds families, silent auction and fireworks. 

Purchase tickets in the THON Office (210 HUB). Tickets purchased must be picked up in 210 HUB by Friday, August 31st, by 3pm. The office will be open: Monday, August 27 through Friday, August 31st, 10 am-3pm.

Questions? Contact Cat Powers,!

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Back to School Shopping, FTK!

As the summer winds down, the storefronts have filled with back-to-school signs and sales. Make your back to school shopping FTK on August 25th, as DMAIG joins Macy’s for the 6th annual Shop For A Cause Event!

Purchase a $5 shopping pass for savings in EVERY Macy’s store and online at on Saturday, August 25th and 100% of the proceeds will go to THON and the Four Diamonds Fund. A trip to the mall or shopping online has never been better! The $5 shopping pass will enable shoppers to receive 25% off regular, sale, and clearance items and 10% off electronics, watches, furniture, mattresses, and rugs/floor coverings. This is your chance to give back while you shop.

In order for your $5 shopping pass to benefit THON, it must be purchased online here. If a shopping pass is bought in the stores, it will not benefit THON. So get your diamonds up, credit cards ready, and help us make a difference in the life of a child!

Can’t shop or uninterested in shopping but still want to make a donation? Head to and join us in the fight against pediatric cancer.

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CBP filled with THON love!

Thank you to all of the THON supporters who came out to Citizens Bank Park last night to kick off our summer of baseball games benefitting THON! Tomorrow (Sunday, August 5th) is the Camden Riversharks THON game! We hope to see tons of you at the ballpark For The Kids! We also have an exciting weekend of games in Pittsburgh on August 10th and 12th. Get your tickets today and help us in the fight against pediatric cancer.

Check out some photos from last night’s game.













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Boy of the Year: Dustin Beaver

Patrick Gilbert, Men’s Club Lacrosse THON Chair, tells us all about Dustin Beaver and his experience as Boy of the Year!
Dustin Beaver was diagnosed with Leukemia on December 23, 2010. Upon joining the Four Diamonds Fund, the Beavers were adopted by the Men and Women’s Club Lacrosse Teams, and they were blown away by their first THON experience this past year.
The Men and Women’s Club Lacrosse Teams consider the Beaver Family to be a part of their own. Throughout THON weekend, at least one of Dustin’s many family members were down on the floor to support their dancers at all times. In return, the team members are constantly keeping contact with the family and planned visits several times throughout the year; and they are adamant on turning Dustin into a future lacrosse star. 
This year Dustin turned 13 years old and is in remission, and he is now using his incredible personality to take the fight against cancer to another level. 
He was asked to be the Honored Patient Boy of the Year for the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society’s Man and Woman of the Year (MWOY) 2012 for the Harrisburg Area and the Lancaster/York areas. The MWOY campaign was an 8 week long race which started February 23rd, 2012.  Yes, 4 days after their 1st THON!  After an incredible weekend with the Club Lacrosse Teams, Dustin and his family were inspired to give everything they could to a great cause. 

The male and female who raise the most money through events or donations won the title of the local chapter. There were 12 candidates (5 men & 7 women) in Harrisburg, and 7 candidates (2 men & 5 women) in Lancaster/York.  This was the 1st year for the Lancaster/York campaign, so they started out small and asked Dustin and Ashley Fazekas to cover both campaigns.

The candidates run in honor of the Boy & Girl of the year, who are local blood cancer patient survivors and sources of inspiration to others.  Dustin’s job as Boy of the Year was to encourage, support & motivate the candidates running for MWOY.  He did an awesome job communicating with the candidates and participating in many fun events.
Dustin and his family attended a total of 27 different events ranging from a Senators baseball game where Dustin was the Hometown Hero and threw out the 1st pitch, being interviewed on the local Country Music station, to judging food at Super Chef with Jon Ritchie, Nancy & Newman (BOB949) & Denise DelGrosso.  Dustin received so much encouragement and support through this journey. Their family was introduced on stage many times and shared his story so people could see and hear the importance of giving to such a worthy cause. The campaign is over, but a lot of the candidates have become their extended family and have taken Dustin on outings and keep in touch. 

"For The Kids!"

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Meet Ashley Fazekas: 2012 Girl of the Year for the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society!

Ashley Fazekas was nominated to be the honored 2012 Girl of the Year for the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society in Harrisburg and the York/Lancaster areas. Ashley was nominated by another Four Diamonds Mom. Her main duty as Girl of the Year was to motivate and inspire the candidates that were running for Man and Woman of the Year.  The Man and Woman of the Year are chosen by how much money they raise for LLS and for research for a Cure! The candidates were able to use Ashley’s story and picture as inspiration and help for a way to raise money. Ashley and her family had so much fun attending all of the events for the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society. They were able to attend 4 banquets held by LLS, two Kickoffs and two Finales since she was representing two different areas. Ashley thought those were fun because she got to dress up and motivate them by telling them about her cancer journey. Ashley and her family were also able to attend a lot of fundraisers, including meals, zumba, bouncing, cupcake contest and pageant, eating competition, and much more. Her favorite was when she got to judge cupcakes and foods from fancy restaurants in the area. Ashley enjoyed the experience because she was able to inspire people to raise money for a Cure and she met a lot of new friends along the way!

The Penn State Lionettes could not have asked for a better THON child than Ashley Fazekas. Her first THON, she was a tiny, bald, and adorable baby.  Since then, she has grown up into a beautiful, healthy 8 year old with tons of energy!  She enjoys dancing, singing, playing with her pets, playing basketball, and twirling her baton.  Every moment the Lionettes get to spend with Ashley is a joy-filled and fun one.  Elaine Fazekas, Ashley’s wonderful mother, tells us that she wants to be just like us when she grows up!  Because of this, we always buy Ashley a bunch of clothing to match us and let her borrow our uniforms when she is performing with us.  She is definitely a mini Lionette!  Through out the years, Ashley has performed with the Lionettes at multiple THON events and even some Penn State basketball games.  We enjoy every opportunity we have to perform with this amazing little girl.  All of the Lionettes would agree that Ashley is the strongest and bravest 8 year old we know, and we are all so proud of how far she has come since her cancer treatments.  Ashley only has a little less than one year to go until she can say she is CURED of cancer!  The Lionettes could not be any happier for Ashley and her family to be able to say this.  Throughout all of these years, Ashley has grown such a wonderful and unique bond with every Lionette that has had the opportunity to know her.  Ashley gets so excited when one of us runs up to her with our arms out and yells her favorite nickname, “Ash!” She always comes running into our arms and it feels so amazing to see her.  Each and every one of us can say she holds a very special place in our hearts.  

From her mother, Elaine Fazekas: The Lionettes have always been so kind to us and made us feel welcome in such a big place. I say each year gets better at THON because each year, Ashley gets stronger and healthier and as we walk on the floor during THON weekend, it feels like everyone knows our family and Ashley’s name. Her favorite part of THON is when she sees “her girls” and gets to dance with them. Anything with the Lionettes that weekend is her favorite. She loves to walk in the Fashion Show with them, have them as backup dancers during her Talent, and dancing at the PepRally with her Team makes her feel so special and she looks forward to it all year long. Not to mention all year long, she has their posters hanging in her bedroom, plays with her pom poms and practices dancing on a daily basis. They nicknamed her Ash and she loves that. When I ask if she will be a Lionette when she grows up, she has said the same response for years…”I already am on the team. I’m the Littlest Lionette.” Our family is huge because of our Lionettes. We are sad when the Seniors leave but thrilled that our family grows each year with the Freshmen. We don’t lose touch with them. We are bonded forever. They got to carry her around as a little bald baby with Leukemia and now get to dance with her on stage as a healthy and strong 8 year old!!!

To Ashley: We are so incredibly proud of you for becoming the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society’s Girl of the Year! You have grown into such a strong and courageous, little girl.  We love having you as our little Lionette! LOVE, YOUR BFFS LIONETTES <3

Check back tomorrow to meet the 2012 Boy of the Year!

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PASS System Revamp Underway for THON 2013

There is no denying that one of the best moments of THON Weekend is spending time on the floor, running around with the amazing children of the Four Diamonds Fund and encouragng your organization’s dancers. The Technology and Rules & Regulations Committees are responsible for allowing the thousands of Bryce Jordan Center spectators access to all of the excitement on the floor through the PASS System.

For THON 2013, Technology and Rules & Regulations have already been hard at work improving the System and making sure it is ready to go for THON Weekend in February. This summer, they began re-writing the System and introduced new features.

“We are building it from the ground up,” said Chris Kessler, THON 2013 Overall Technology Chairperson. “It will have cool new features that will make error handling communication simpler and faster.”

Mike Wellner, THON 2013 Overall Rules & Regulations Chairperson, is excited to see the improvements.

“The rebuilding of the System will make the System much more reliable and efficient,” said Wellner.

There will be several other changes implemented to the PASS System for THON 2013. These include a three-hour time limit on Organization passes, 15-person lists per pass and a traditional physical queue system. In addition to this, the texting system will no longer be utilized, making way for an innovative integration with the THON App and MobilePASS that allows organizations to easily view pass usage.

Kessler, Wellner and their Captains are looking forward to the improvements and hope that these changes allow for the best possible PASS System for THON Weekend.

“It’s great to see the way the PASS System is shaping up this summer,” said Kessler. “We can’t wait to see the finished product.”

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Hershey Children’s Hospital Ranks Among Top In The Nation

Earlier in the summer, Penn State Hershey Children’s Hospital was ranked among the best in the nation. Samantha Agostino, a THON 2013 Public Relations Captain, tells us more!

Penn States Hershey Children’s Hospital earns a high spot on the U.S. News & World Report’s 2012-2013 Best Children’s Hospital rankings!

The Children’s Hospital first made its debut on the Best Children’s Hospitals List in 2008 and last year, the Children’s Hospital ranked in two specialties. This year, Penn State Hershey Children’s Hospital has been ranked in three specialties: 34th in orthopedics (for the second year straight), 40th in cancer, and 46th in diabetes and endocrinology.

THON 2013’s Overall Chairperson, Will Martin, said this accomplishment is extremely special.

“People across the country now know that Hershey is the place to be when it comes to cancer. They know that they will receive advanced treatments and care that will help them through a devastating time,” said Martin. “It is amazing to see Penn State Hershey Children’s Hospital ranked among other prestigious institutions in the country.”

For this year’s ranking, U.S. News surveyed 178 pediatric centers to collect medical data in each of the 10 specialties. In addition, they asked 1,500 pediatric specialists (150 people in each specialty) where they would send the sickest children.

The rankings host 50 hospitals in each of the pediatric specialties categories, which include cancer, cardiology and heart surgery, diabetes and endocrinology, gastroenterology, neonatology, nephrology, neurology and neurosurgery, orthopedics, pulmonology, and urology. The survey results illustrated that a total of 80 hospitals across the United States ranked in either one or more specialties.

High placement on the Best Children Hospitals list confirmed both the hospitals high quality care and its daily commitment to provide the best service for the children and families in the central Pennsylvania region.

This ranking is not only an honor for the Hershey Children’s Hospital faculty and staff, but also the student volunteers and the organizations supporters.

“This recognition gives THON volunteers and The Four Diamonds Fund a chance to celebrate 40 years of raising funds and awareness for pediatric cancer,” Martin said. “This ranking, and the new Penn State Children’s Hospital soon to open is physical proof that THON and The Four Diamonds Fund are making a difference.”

CONGRATULATIONS to everyone that helped make this possible! THON on Penn State!

Check out the video that Penn State Hershey Children’s Hospital uploaded on their YouTube page!

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Phillies Phight Cancer on August 3rd!

Join the PHIGHT against pediatric cancer as the Philadelphia Phillies take on the Arizona Diamondbacks! On August 3rd at 7:05p.m., watch as Ryan Howard and company battle their NL West opponent with the portion of the proceeds benefiting THON. 

Be sure to buy your tickets online at by July 27th and enter the promo code “THON” so your ticket benefits THON. If you are unable to purchase tickets online by this date, be sure to call so your ticket still benefits the largest student-run philanthropy in the world. 

Be sure to round up all of your phanatic friends and head to Citizen’s Bank Park to raise the most funds PHOR THE KIDS! RSVP on the Official Facebook Event Here!

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